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The Engineering Training Center in Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) was reorganized from Factory of School in May 1998. The center is now serving as the main facility for students to learn basic engineering theories, engineering practical training and innovations. The building has more than 12000m2, hundreds of high quality experimental equipment which worth more than 35 million yuan.We have more than 60 staff and faculty members, including 4 professors and 12 associate professors. In average for each year, we serve 7800 visits from students with 45 million teaching workload, and advise 64 M.S. students from different disciplines. 

The Engineering Training Center is the major component of Modern Industry Training Center (MITC) in SUES. In 2006, MITC was renamed as National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and Shanghai Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

The Engineering Training Center has four teaching departments including Department of Metalwork, Department of Electrical and Electronic Technology, Department of Metalwork Training and Department of Electrical and Electronic Technology Training. The center is responsible for educating all undergraduate with basic engineering theories, engineering practice and innovation activities. The major courses we offer are Fundamentals of Machinery Manufacturing Technology, Electrotechnology, Electronic Technology, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Fundamental Practice of Manufacturing Technology, Practice of Modern Manufacturing Technology, Electrical and Electronic Technology Experiment, Electrotechnical Practice. We also developed and offer more than 30 public elective courses focusing on practice experience like robotics, 3D printing, smart homes, CNC machine fault diagnosis and repair, etc. And we published more than 20 textbooks. It has made abundant achievements that the unremitting exploration for the implementation of Automotive Engineering Program and the cultivation of advanced application-oriented talents. The course for the Basic of Machinery Manufacturing Technology was named as Shanghai exquisite course and the course for the Practice of Modern Manufacturing Technology was named as Shanghai key program. Three first prize and one second prize of Shanghai teaching achievement awards were gained. And two grand prize and several first prize of teaching achievement award for school level were won. There are dozens of first prize of collegiate various discipline competition in each level gained for national level and for provincial level every year.

Our research team, led by tenured Professors and Associate Professors, actively cooperates with the enterprises, which closely combines Shanghai economic and social development in knowledge innovation and service. And our team has made great accomplishments in the areas of mechanical design and manufacturing, material processing, and engineering control theory. The research work is responsible for several projects from National Natural Science Foundation, one project from Shanghai Natural Science Foundation, one subproject from National 863 Project, one Key Program of Shanghai Municipal Scientific and Technological Commission, one Key Innovation Fund of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, several Innovation Funds of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, four Shanghai Alliance Program, one Booster Program, and more than 2 million yuan each year in the enterprise knowledge services. We successfully obtained more than 40 patents, including one patent from Japan; obtained more than 30 utility model patents; had gotten more than 10 software copyrights; published more than 10 journal papers from high level journal list at home and abroad each year, several SCI papers indexed and cited. There are also many awards gained, including one third prize of Shanghai science and technology advance award in 2011 and 2015, respectively, one third prize of Shanghai technological invention award in 2018, one for Shanghai transformation project of new and high-tech achievements, one Shanghai key new product, two third prize of science and technology advance award for China machinery industry, one first prize for China machinery manufacturing technology association, one innovation talent elite award for Shanghai personnel bureau, one first prize of excellent exhibit and one excellent project award for China international industrial Expo national universities’ exhibition in 2007 and in 2012, respectively, one first prize and third prize of excellent project award for Shanghai cooperative education, three gold award of excellent invention, two gold award of excellent invention promotion, three second prize and one third prize for Shanghai excellent invention competition.

Under the leadership of the Party in the university, our mission is to educate and prepare creative professionals and always provide education for our students with great quality. We will keep making contribution to make our mission accomplished.