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The teaching and research section of metal work was attached to Department of Mechanical Engineering, when established in 1979. It was assigned to the Department of Material Engineering in 1985 and was belonged to the Engineering Training Center that was specialized in theory course teaching and practice guidance of Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology from 1998 to now.

Team of Teachers

After years of staff introduction and self-contained enhancement, the teachers’ team was equipped with reasonable academic title and age structure. There are three associated professors and four assistant professors, including five PhD degrees and two master degrees. In recent years, in order to further improve their abilities of teaching and scientific research, one of them went abroad to study, two had short-term exchanges, two exercised and take a temporary post and one was studying for post-doctoral. They had successively won the outstanding young teacher award, outstanding Communist Party member award, meritorious women model nomination award, outstanding lecturer award, March 8 red flag collective award and other awards for school level.

Course construction

The section developed course and textbook construction energetically. Subsequently, a series of reforming and exploration activities have been conducted such as teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching means. Advanced manufacture technology and advanced manufacture systems, including NC Processing Technology, Flexible Manufacturing System, Non-traditional Machining integrated manufacturing system, and modern production management, were added to the teaching course. Multimedia courseware was made to increase interest, efficiency and information. The textbook which was compiled by our section won the 2015 excellent textbook award in our school. And there are five school-level teaching construction programs completed.

Practical teaching

Except for theory lecture, our team of teachers places great emphasis on practical teaching. This teaching method improves the teachers’ practical skills, and is helpful for instructor-engineer teachers. We established 3 public elective courses and 7 practical elective courses. Students were instructed to participate in the discipline competition and won multiple awards every year.

Scientific research

The teachers in our section actively carry out scientific research. There are many projects presided, including two projects from National Natural Science Foundation (Youth Foundation), one project from Sub-project of Shanghai Science and Technology Program, National State Key Laboratory Open Foundation, Jiangsu Advanced Robotics Key Laboratory Fund, Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Science and Technology Project, respectively. There are 4 longitudinal projects of the Shanghai Youth Teacher Training Subsidy Projects and nearly 10 horizontal projects, which we received more than 1 million funds in the past five years. Our section obtained more than 10 patents of invention, more than 10 utility model patents and published more than 40 SCI or EI related papers.