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The teaching and research section of electrical and electronic technology offer all the electrotechnics technology and electronic technology courses for the non-electric majors in SUES. Being sincerity, patience, rigorous and strict, the teaching staffs of our group combine the electrotechnics and electronic technology with the cutting-edge technology of other fields. We cultivate applied engineering technicians and management talents, who have receive basic electrotechnics and electronic education. The veterans of the courses would become skillful, qualified, innovative and compound talents with solid theoretical foundation.

Team of Teachers

At present, there are thirteen teachers in this section, which are all with master degree or above, including 7 phD degrees and 3 master degree instructors. Teachers all have rich experience in the teaching of electrotechnics technology and electronic technology, and go in for the teaching reform actively. In the near five years, six projects of practice teaching construction for college level have been completed and three textbooks have been published. And the project of electrotechnics and electronic technology teaching reform won third prize of Teaching Award in 2008. Furthermore, there are many theses published every year, which have a good effect on education.

Main courses

Electrotechnics and electronic technology courses mainly contain eight courses, which are electrotechnics technology, electronic technology, Electrotechnics & electronic technology, electrotechnics technology with experiments, electronic technology with few hours, electrotechnics technology experiment, electronic technology experiment and electrotechnics training. These courses are all covered eight faculties in the college. And then three innovation experiments offer, which are PLC Design Experiment, Design of Sequential Logic Circuit Analysis and Study on Test and Scene Design and Realization of Intelligent Household. Furthermore, three public optional courses offer, which are Innovation Practice of Electronic Technology, Robot Engineering Project Practice and Practical Design of Intelligent Control.